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Do you have an app idea you want to realize?

This is our app development process

Idé appdesign

We discuss the most important functions and how an application can improve your process.

Hjälp med design till app

We present design proposals
which we loop together to be able to build a lean application.

Utveckling av app

We develop the app and
let you test prototypes continuously.
Finally, we publish the app.


We are available if you want to
give feedback or encounter problems when you are using the app.


We update the app
with new functionality and design at your request. 

Digital marketing, a new era

1 minute read


Catch the customer's attention

Have you ever visited page two after doing a Google search? No, neither have we.

Getting the customer's attention can be difficult in today's digital world, never before have there been so many different types of media where different companies are fighting for the customer's attention.


Google SEO
The abbreviation you just read stands for Search Engine Optimization. In order for your website to end up on the first page of Google's search results, you need to have done a thorough job with the SEO, which is time consuming and costly. Google then assesses whether your particular website is relevant to the potential customer.


Marketing on the App Store and Google Play Store
The App Store and Google Play Store are marketplaces for mobile applications, both are relatively new as they were launched in 2008. Since then, the number of available applications has increased significantly. In many niche industries we see that the number of apps available is very few, here is an opportunity to capture the customer's attention without much competition.


Create value, win the customer
By having an app, you get a new marketing channel where you can really catch the customer's attention.
The key is to offer a tool that creates value for the customer. With an app that helps the customer, positive associations are created with the company's brand, which in the long run increases your sales.

Contact us, we will help you with your app idea
031- 303 77 19
joel wft 2.jpg

Joel Olsson

Concept and Design

Joel's main strength is that he is disciplined and determined. He is constantly working towards his goals.
031- 303 77 19

Annalinnea Sjöberg 

Support and Design

Annalinnea is a happy and cheerful girl who appreciates a fast pace with many projects ongoing.
031- 303 77 18

Robin Nurmisto 


Robin is a creative thinker and loves to take on new projects.
031- 303 77 18
bild hanna skog uppdaterad.jpg

Hanna Nurmisto

Support and Sales

Hanna's main strength is that she is empathetic and helpful and makes sure that everyone feels good.

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