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Paper and pencil are history
- We digitalize your documentation process

The present and the future are digital, but there are still many processes and industries that are nevertheless lagging behind in technology development.

We target companies that understand the benefits of digitalization and that today have an analog and time-consuming work process, where paper, pencil and excel are common work tools. Digitalization leads to more efficient work. Smart technology facilitates information management and reduces administrative time.

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Do you have an idea you want to realize?

Together, we develop digital solutions tailored to your needs

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Approvent - Ventilation Inspection

Obligatory ventilation inspection

Approvent is a work tool specially adapted to create inspection protocols for ventilation in real estates. The purpose of the app is to digitalize and streamline the inspector's work process.

Through the use of Approvent, the inspection is performed and completed on site in the property. Inspection information is logged in the app, the protocol can be previewed, signed and sent to the end customer through the app. Protocols are then stored in our cloud-based database.

The benefits of Approvent

- Time saving
- User friendly
- Digital signature
- Offline mode

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About us

About Prado

We at Prado are a company that develops apps. We have previous experience from various industries, which gives us a broad competence. Programming, engineering and real estate economics are some of our areas of knowledge.

Prado was formed in the spring of 2020. We are a team of four people who are passionate about digitalization and our goal is to create scalable, user-friendly and cloud-based digital solutions, primarily for the inspection industry.

Our team

joel wft 2.jpg

Joel Olsson

Concept and Design

Joel's main strength is that he is disciplined and determined. He is constantly working towards his goals.


Annalinnea Sjöberg

Support and Design

Annalinnea is a happy and cheerful girl who appreciates a fast pace and a lot of projects going on. 


Robin Nurmisto

Programming and Technical support

Robin is our creative developer who masters both front and backend development

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Hanna Nurmisto

Sales and Support

Hanna is our solution-focused and sharp salesperson who believes that customer satisfaction is the key to a successful company.


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